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Vialto Consulting – in line with the new trends and opportunities triggered by digitalization – offers process mining services since the beginning of 2018.

Today, the company has gained several experiences in managing successful process mining projects, and has built significant competences and expert pool (Data Scientists) in this field.

Moreover, as the only Hungarian partner of Celonis, Vialto Consulting provides access to the most effective process mining software.

Celonis is the leader in business transformation software. Its Intelligent Business Cloud allows organizations to rapidly understand and improve the operational backbone of their business. Companies around the world including Siemens, GM, 3M, Airbus and Vodafone rely on Celonis technology to guide action and drive change to business processes, resulting in millions of dollars saved and an improved experience for their customers.

Vialto Consulting’s goal with process mining

Vialto Consulting aims at disseminating the modern technology of process mining among Hungarian companies in order to foster their digitization, make their operation more effective, cutting their costs and to improve their customer experience.

Based on the results of the completed projects, Vialto Consulting strongly believes that by applying process mining technology – as opposed to the traditional process analysis methodology – analyses can be performed in a shorter time, more effectively and comprehensively, which supports companies to

  • identify improvement potential

  • increase efficiency and

  • decrease cost.


By the outcome of the projects it can also be declared that by executing some analyses – in case of large companies, by accelerating the run time of the processes and reducing rework (unnecessary repetitive steps) – improvement potential exceeding even 100 million HUF can be discovered.

Based on international experiences:

  • 25% of the process cost can be saved

  • the run time can be reduced by 37%

on average when employing Celonis’s solution, whereas the operation can become completely transparent and compliant with the standards.

What is process mining?

Process mining is a methodology relying on the analysis of the digital footprints (log files) recorded in IT systems that examines process flow based on real-time or off-line data load.

This technology is capable to identify

  • all variants of the process flow

  • concealed operational obstacles, inefficient, repetitive, multiple work or unnecessary multitouch - points in the process

  • bottlenecks significantly effecting customer experience and operational risks.

Process mining, unlike the traditional process analysis methodology, reveals the real flow of the process analysing all process flow variants and detects all areas where the process can be enhanced based on factual, quantified data leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction, diminished process costs and advanced digitization and automation.


The source system and the process mining software can be linked online which enables the continuous performance of analyses. Process mining tools are able to execute the data-based process monitoring online as well, and can send warning in case special action is required for some cases.

Which companies can leverage from process mining?

Process mining solution is recommended for companies where the process to be analysed is supported by IT system and there are sufficient cases available for analysis.

Process mining provides the biggest opportunities to businesses and public institutions whose processes are diverse and cover a lot of different cases and transactions. It is optimized to examine processes which might have a lot of deviant process flow resulting in overwork in the majority of cases, therefore it would lead to increased cost and customer irritations. Based on the former attributes, process mining is convenient solution (mostly, but not exclusively) for improving the following fields:

Furthermore, process mining is a unique possibility for corporations where the deviant process flows are caused by the over-customized IT systems.

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How does the process analysis look like?

The base of process mining, following the determination of the process to be analysed, is the interpretation of the process and the identification of the process steps. Thereafter, digital mapping of the process in the IT system has to be analysed, the necessary data has to be extracted and the data-tables have to be loaded into the process mining software.

The data fields containing private or confidential data have to be encrypted (pseudonymized) after the data extraction if required according to the company’s conclusion.

Loading the data into the process mining tool, the software is ready to perform analyses and visualize the result by various views provided.

In line with the features of the software, the loaded data can be filtered, listed, ordered and the content of the analysis can drilled down arbitrarily. The tool can represent results in different views thanks to its analytical and display attributes, which fosters the identification and visualization of root causes. Based on the quantified results of the analyses, the improvement potential can be quantified and verified, moreover it can be demonstrated impressively.

The software is suitable for analysing and measuring the conformity with the expected AS-IS process flow determined by the company (based on the conformity of the examined cases) and detects the root causes which trigger the deviations.

Suggested process mining areas
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